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The Department of Earth System Science and Environmental Technologies (DSSTTA) supports and coordinates the Italian research activity at the Arctic Station Dirigibile Italia in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard. Since 2009, new facilities, such as the Amundsen-Nobile Climate Change Tower (CCT), the Gruvebadet Aerosol Laboratory (GAL), and the Mooring Dirigibile Italia (MDI) have been set up to provide continuous monitoring of the characteristic of the atmosphere and of the sea in the Kings fjord area.

Italy has been admitted in the Arctic Council as an Observer Country on 2013. Its admission is a key result that achieved by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the significant contribution of the CNR for the scientific issues.

In 2015 the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) has defined a strategy for research in the Arctic to study the climate change and its impact at the middle latitudes. The aim of this strategy is to consolidate and expand the Italian research in the Arctic in compliance with the priorities and initiatives of the international scientific community.

The contribution of italian research to international project has lead also to reinforce the bilateral cooperation, among others, with Japan, Korea, Norway, Germany, France, Poland, Finland, Sweden.

CNR also support International infrastructure and network activities, in particular SIOS, of which is founding members, INTERACT and ARICE projects; the latter aiming to develop coordination of research icebreakers at European level. Finally CNR represents Italy in the IASC, it is a member in EPB, NySMAC, FARO, actively participates to SAON initiative and contributes with its experts in various Working Groups (WGs) of the Arctic Council (AC).

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