3 - Glaciology, snow and ice

3 - Glaciology, snow and iceThe snow chemical composition and the main physical parameters aim to identify the interannual variability of the seasonal snowpack. Deposition paths of anthropogenic contaminants (organic and inorganics), trace elements, halogens, amino acid and major ions in the glaciers surrounding the Kongsfjord area are also evaluate. The research sampling strategy are based on the collection of surfaces, stratigraphic and bulk samples of the annual snow layer and shallow ice core. In order to investigate snow driven natural geochemical cycle of specific inorganics and organics contaminant, specific surface snow sampling protocols are adopted to relate meteorological process and contaminants deposition mainly during the Artic spring.

The dynamic of glaciers melting and the transfer of freshwater and suspended solids towards the Kongsfjorden are also investigated and quantified by performing flow rate measurements of glacial drainages, as well as isotopic and physical-chemical monitoring of inland meltwaters and waters in the fjord.

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