5 - Oceanographic and marine research

5 - Oceanographic and marine research Melting of tidewater glaciers’ ice tongues produces big changes in Kongsfjorden. An instrumented mooring, named Mooring Dirigibile Italia (MDI), is permanently deployed in the inner part of the Kongsfjiorden at about 100 m depth with the aim to measure the basic physical properties of water and investigate particle fluxes and their composition. MDI allows to continuously monitor variations of thermohaline characteristics of a) surface water by the glacier melting, b) intermediate water by variable intrusion of Atlantic-type water, and c) bottom water locally produced during winter. Information on sedimentary processes and interactions with microzooplankton, glaciers and enhanced coastal runoff is gained by collecting particles sinking in the water column. Variability of the physical properties of water in the fjord are supported also by regular CTD survey.

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