7 - ICT and technological innovation

7 - ICT and technological innovationMarine and aerial robotic autonomous vehicles with sensors and samplers that will be used for perfoming atmospheric, sea-ice and underwater data collection in areas either difficult to access or not accessible to human beings. This activity performed with P2-ROV/POP USSV and Italdron 8HSE and with CNR PROTEUS USSV (Unmanned Semi-Submersible Vehicle) built by CNR-ISSIA can support several other research groups of CNR on sea in the front of the glaciers facing the Kongsfjord.

Other technogical innovation is represented by use of transportable equipment developed by the Italian Institute of Metrology that include travelling standards, for the calibration of sensors operating in the field, without removing them from the site.

List of the Research activities


Processes in the low atmosphere

Soil, permafrost and geology

Glaciology, snow and ice

Terrestrial ecosystem and biodiversity

Oceanographic and marine research

Marine biology and biodiversity

ICT and technological innovation

Sun-Earth relations and high atmosphere

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