8 - Sun-Earth relations and high atmosphere

Since 1999, ITACA (ITalian Allsky Camera for Aurora observations) is monitoring the high-latitude aural activity from Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard) during the wintertime, at three reference wavelengths (427.8 nm, 557.7nm, 630.0 nm). It participates to the MIRACLE (Magnetometers - Ionospheric Radars - Allsky Cameras Large Experiment) international network, devoted to mesoscale studies of the auroral activity.

The Svalbard islands provide a very effective site for launching long-duration circumpolar stratospheric balloons. ASI, ARR, SSC, ISTAR have launched stratospheric balloons of various sizes and with different durations, with payloads devoted to Cosmic Microwave Background radiation studies and other science targets.

List of the Research activities


Processes in the low atmosphere

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Sun-Earth relations and high atmosphere

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