Inauguration Research Activities at Ny-Ålesund - 15 May 1997

Inauguration Research Activities at Ny-Ålesund - 1997

Arctic Base: Dirigibile Italia
Inauguration Research Activities at Ny-Ålesund - 12°E - 79°N Svalbard (Norway)
15 May 1997

Italy has a quite young experience in polar activities. Part of such an experience derives from the research activity that has been performed in the last ten years in the framework of the Italian National Research Programme in Antarctica. An other important research project in an extreme environment is the CNR - High-altitude Laboratory - Observatory located on the Himalayan Range, Nepal at 5050 m altitude. The Italian effort in the Arctic is not yet comparable with that of other northern countries; nevertheless, the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) proposes to improve the international cooperation towards the studies of an area of crucial interest for understanding the global processes of the climatic and environmental changes.

This brochure represents a preliminary overview of the research activity that will be carried out at CNR scientific station at Ny-Ålesund. The research programmes are shown as summaries of the speeches presented at the workshop held at Ny-Ålesund on May 15th, 1997 during the official opening of the scientific station.


This Brochure has been realized with the contribution of: I.Allegrini (Atmospheric Chemistry); T.Georgiadis, V.Levizzani and C.Tomasieric (Atmospheric Physics); A.Anav, L.Ciattaglia, I.Di Menno and C.Rafanelli (UV solar radiation); M.Candidi (Cosmogeophysics); G.Di Prisco, B.Giardina (Biology and Biomedicine); R.Salvatori, R.Casacchia and F.Parmigiani (Remote Sensing); G.Alabiso and V.Scotto (Metal corrosion); L.Alessio, G.Ravagnan (Telemedicine); M.Manzoni (Human Sciences); D.Tommasini (Tourism)

Research activities in Ny-Ålesund - 1997

Other activities - 1997

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