The Italian Arctic Data Center (IADC), is part of a digital infrastructure, conceived to manage, publish and disseminate data collected by the italian scientific infrastructure based in Ny-Ålesund and in other arctic sites. The infrastructure IADC consists of 2 nodes: an Arctic Node, located at Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard), and a Main Node located at the CNR headquarter in Rome. A secondary backup storage is located in Bologna.

The data are produced by different measurement systems (sensors and tools), acquired (dataloggers, computers) and stored locally on server at the Arctic node and mirrowed to the Main Node. Actually the system assure the management of data and metadata collected in the frame of the Italian Climate Change Tower Integrated Project (CCT-IP). The system provide QC, pre-processing, cataloging and on-line visualization of the atmospheric data collected at CCT, but IADC, beyond the CCT data, is able to manage, process and store all other type of data produced by the field activities running in the arctic region. Interoperability is also provided. Finally the metadata collected in IADC compiled based on international standards are interoperable and integrated in Svalbard Data Management System (SDMS).

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