Mooring Dirigibile Italia

Mooring Dirigibile Italia (MDI)

An instrumented mooring have been permanently installed in the inner part of the Kongsfjorden at about 100 m depth with the aim to investigate particle fluxes and composition, including measurement of the basic physical properties of water. Mooring Dirigibile Italia (MDI) has been deployed in September 2010 and is annually serviced.

MDI allows to continuously monitor variations of thermohaline characteristics of: a) surface water by the glacier melting; b) intermediate water by variable intrusion of Atlantic-type water, and c) bottom water locally produced during winter.
Moreover, information on sedimentary processes and interactions with microzooplankton, glaciers and enhanced coastal runoff is gained by collecting particles sinking in the water column. The complex interplay of processes driving the particle supply of autochthonous (marine) and allochthonous (terrestrial) origin in Kongsfjorden are elucidated, and some inferences on possible future changes in particle fluxes for arctic fjords can be suggested in a climate warming scenario.

Mooring Dirigibile Italia (MDI)

Oceanographic sensors are tied at different levels in the water column.
The list of measured parameters include:
- water temperature @ 25, 36, 54, 62, 85 and 92 m
- current speed and direction @ 37 and 93 m
- salinity @ 25 and 85 m
- turbidity and dissolved oxygen @ 85 m
- mass and particulate organic carbon fluxes @ 83 m.

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